My Photography

My Photography
Off topic post, recently a bit active in photo shooting more than aquascape. The reason why I do that is to understand the nature, like Mr Takashi Amano does. So is a helpful skill to develop our aquascaping and some nature behaviour. The place I am staying has such a limited stone scape, but worth for deep in study of the formation. If you like my photography, please drop a 'LIKE' on my link. Thank you very much.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chelated Trace Elements

Recently went to a local hardware shop (Ace hardware) for my gardening stuffs and fertilizer, but saw a quite good product for aquasacpe to use as well, the chelated trace elements. I have read a lot about this chemical name and yet saw the real actual powder. The 1kg chelated TE pack as shown in the photo, cost about RM59 (about US$18). Usually I bought the 1kg small pack of Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, and Magnesium Sulphate from local chemical shop, but TE only sell in huge amount and we don't really that much. Even the 1kg TE mix in the water is able to use for years, so is good enough for my aquascape and gardening uses.

Friday, March 21, 2014

From Aquascape Into Gardening

Some times ago, I had a passion for aquascape, and now I call myself a farmer because with the knowledge from aquascape has made me turn it to a vegetables & herbs garden at my flat balcony. The time I spend in there more than the tank at the time being, once the set up is stable, I believe I will back to the tank to do something on it. I can't stand the mess and ugly look of my tank and plants. Sometimes the gardening job is much easier than aquascape is because of no algae issue that always hassle us. What I need is to control the fertiliser and watering with auto irrigation system.

The photo above is the green bean trees as for a beginner in gardening, such as me.

Hell ya! The tank looks ugly and messy.......I will be back, baby! 

This is the basic set Raindrip Container Kit for my flat garden irrigation system where got it from ACE Hardware, sooner will upload more photos of the DIY auto system.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

ADA International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) 2013 winners' photo

001 Truong Thinh Ngo VIETNAM

002 深田 崇敬 JAPAN

003 Marcelo Tonon Chiovatto BRAZIL

004 沈 健峰 MALAYSIA

005 松井 真太郎 JAPAN

006 Quan Nguyen Minh VIETNAM

007 Ana Paula Cinato BRAZIL

008 Stjepan Erdeljic CROATIA

009 杨 锡纬 MALAYSIA

010 Timucin Sagel TURKEY

011 鄒 維新 HONG KONG

012 飯泉 卓也 JAPAN

013 Duc Viet Bui VIETNAM

014 Paulo Pacheco BRAZIL

015 許 錦汶 HONG KONG

016 タナカ カツキ JAPAN

017 Serkan Cetinkol TURKEY

018 陳 漢軒 TAIWAN

019 Robertus Hartono SINGAPORE

020 Luis Carlos Galarraga BRAZIL

021 Nichole Wong HONG KONG

022 Andre Longarco BRAZIL

023 付 岩松 CHINA

024 半田 浩規 JAPAN

025 黃 仲鳴 MACAU

026 岩城 浩司 JAPAN

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Budget aqua light - partly DIY

I believe many of the hobbyist step into the world of aquatic plant will consider few things, such as setup budget, equipment cost, fertilizer, heath of the plants and etc. As I can share about this budget aqua light, because I have 2 used T5 12000K fluorescent tubes that kept in the storeroom. Normally once a year I'll change the tubes for lighting efficiency to grow some healthy plants.

The top photo is the China made double T5 tube housing ceiling light with electronic ballast just cost around US$18, but it came with the normal fluorescent tubes. What I do is replace the used 12000K tubes and place on top the tank, it works good for aqua light. But the back portion of this ceiling light need to cover with waterproof material, such as PVC, plastic, metal of others, that is to prevent the open case cause electric shock by water.
After tested for a day, some plants show the good sign of photosynthesis happening with add on extra wattage. Perhaps you can try it too, low cost high effective light fitting.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clean Your Equipment In 1 Minute

Algae grows on any equipment is a pain to aquascapers, most of the time we will spend a lot of time to clean the small gap or narrow corner with all kind of tools, but still some algae sticks on the surface. Here I share a fast method to clean it with the daily use material, I believe still many do not know it.

  1. Algae grows on the surface skimmer, especially the rubber area is very hard to clean it.
  2. Prepare a softdrink recycle bottle (or any kind of container), and get some Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) for enough to use.
  3. You may hold it or throw the whole thing inside the Sodium Hypochlorite.
  4. For this situation, I hold the far end and rinse the other part inside.
  5. After that stir fast in circular to get rid of the algae, do it until no more green on the equipment.
  6. Then wash it properly until no more soapy feel on your fingers, that will kill your fauna.
  7. Finally, clean it in a minute only, some of the "crystal salt" still on the edge of the surface skimmer that currently I am unable to clean it with any chemical, but with a blade is the fastest way.
Well, I am using this method for years, because I'm just taught someone about how to use this chemical and cause a lot of easy job to us.

Specification For 20" Tank

Tank size : L20" x D13" x H13"

Light system : Aqua Zonic Super Bright double tube 24W T5 lamp with 12000K brightness

Filter system : "DIA" 502 Canister filter with ADA Bio Rio, JBL Symec, JBL PhosEx plus and bamboo charcoal insides.

Substrate : JBL Floralpol, JBL AquaBasis plus
layer 2 - ADA Aqua Soil (Amazonia II)

C O 2 : DIY type, 2 x 1 litre bottle, 35~40 bubbles/min.

Airation : after lights off, approx. 11 hours.

Water : Changed 1/3 tank water Once a week, dosing Stress Zyme(benificial bacteria).

Fertilizer : ADA Brighty K, Seachem Flourish Trace & Excel

Old Tank Specification:

Tank size : L33" x D15" x H16" custom made clear glass tank (8mm thick)7425 cubic inch, 32.1 gallons, 121.6 litres (based on H15" water)

Light system : Normal light with electronic ballast
32W 8000K NEC circline light x 3nos.
22W 6200K Philips circline light x 2 nos.
9W Red Aqua PL double tube x 2nos.
a total of 158W = 1.3W/litre = 4.9W/gallon

Filter system : "DIA" 502 Canister filter with ADA Bio Rio, JBL Symec, JBL PhosEx plus and bamboo charcoal insides.

Substrate : JBL Floralpol, JBL AquaBasis plus
layer 2 - ADA Aqua Soil (Amazonia)
layer 3 - size of 5mm pebble stones (front)

C O 2 : DIY type, 2 x 1 litre bottle, 35~40 bubbles/min.

Airation : after lights off, approx. 11 hours.

Water : Changed 1/3 tank water twice a week, dosing Stress Zyme(benificial bacteria).

Fertilizer : JBL Ferropol, ADA Brighty K, JBL the 7+13 balls, PMDD - KNO3, KH2PO4, K2CO3, CaCl2 & MgSO4.